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microchips for millions
Janice Lobo Sapigao
[PAWA, Inc., 2016]

Friday, February 24, 2017
6:30 - 8:30

Readings, Q & A
Book Signing, Refreshments

Social Hall, 5th Floor, The Philippine Center
447 Sutter, San Francisco, CA
Doors open at 5:30 PM

Free Admission

Register for the event:

For more information about the publication
and to purchase copies visit:

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QUIAPO. Blood, Sweat, Hope, and Rodallie S. Mosende's Story

by Rick Rocamora, Rene Ciria-Cruz, Dan Amosin.
[WPP Publications, 2016]

Book Signing and Multimedia Presentation

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"The real story of Quiapo is not about crime and filth. Those in the know see Quiapo in a different light: as a haven for strong-hearted, hardworking individuals tenaciously trying to overcome life's obstacles for their dreams."
—Rick Rocamora, Award-winning documentary photographer.

"Rick Rocamora's work has always exemplified the very best of what documentary photography can and should be. He commits to his subjects over a long period of time. He brings a warm heart and good intentions to his purpose and his gentle, yet attentive eye often captures moments that both reveal and touch. His new book, QUIAPO, embodies the best qualities of what Mr. Rocamora does, with the additional commitment to a single individual, whose life was profoundly changed by the focus of Rick's camera on her life."
—Ed Kashi, Award-winning documentary photographer, lecturer, author, and member of VII Photo Agency.

Monday, December 19, 2016
6:15 PM to 7:45 PM

Social Hall, 5th Floor, The Philippine Center
447 Sutter, San Francisco, CA
Doors open at 5:30 PM

Free Admission

Sponsored by Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc. (PAWA),
The Filipino American International Book Festival, Philippine Consulate General of San Francisco

For more information about Rick Rocamora visit:

Articles on Quiapo book:


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A Will Fredo Film

San Francisco Premiere

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Saturday, November 19, 2016
1:15 PM
7:15 PM

Experience a unique fusion
of Flamenco and Filipino, Dance and Drama!

New People Cinema
1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

Please help support
and attend the screening of
In Nomine Matris
(In the Name of the Mother)

Click for
More Details

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A reading of scenes from a dramatic adaptation by Roger Olivares
of José Rizal’s historically significant novel

Noli Me Tángere

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
6:00 P.M.

The Philippine Center
Philippine Folklife Museum
Social Hall, 5th Floor
447 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

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Hotspot, Cool Country, Biodiversity in the Philippines

by Almira Astudillo Gilles

San Francisco Book Launch
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Philippine Center, Social Hall 5th Floor
447 Sutter, San Francisco, CA

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Blood Collected Stories
will not actually be on sale
during the event at the library on the 23rd,
but you may purchase a copy online and pick it up at the event
for the special price of $15 by visiting:

The author who is coming from Singapore will be bringing
a limited number of copies of her book,
so do reserve and pay for your copy soon.

For inquiries, email:

PAWA Facebook of Event and to RSVP:

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N.V.M. Gonzalez
Nestor Vicente Madali Gonzalez
(September 8, 1915 – November 28, 1999)

Centennial Celebration
September 11, 2015
6:00 P.M.
at the
5th Floor Social Hall
Philippine Consulate General
447 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA
Click for details.

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Exclusive Pre-release Screening of
Heneral Luna
to benefit FilBookFest

Monday, August 31, 2015
7:00 PM
Marina Theatre
2149 Chestnut
San Francisco
Come see the movie
and help support Filbookfest!

Click for Details

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A Tribute to
Nick Joaquin
Nicomedes Márquez Joaquín
(May 4, 1917 – April 29, 2004)
His life and work with a theatrical reading from
Portrait of the Artist as Filipino.

July 31, 2015
6:30 P.M.
Kalayaan Hall
Philippine Center
447 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA

View Press Release and Program

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