Third Filipino American International Book Festival

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A film by Jerrold Tarog

Starring: John Arcilla, Arron Villaflor, Joem Bascon, Archie Alemania, Alex Medina, Art Acuña, Mon Confiado, Epy Quizon, Bing Pimentel, Paulo Avelino, Mylene Dizon, Alvin Anson, Nonie Buencamino, Lorenz Martinez, Leo Martinez, Ketchup Eusebio
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An exclusive San Francisco Bay Area pre-release screening to benefit the Filipino American International Book Festival.

Presented by PAWA/FilBookFest, FACINE, Arkipelago Books,
FANHS-SF, The Hinabi Project, Carayan Press

Heneral Luna is scheduled to be released in the Philippines on September 9, 2015.
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Antonio Luna
de San Pedro y Novicio-Ancheta (October 29, 1866 – June 5, 1899), an Ilocano born in Manila, was a Filipino pharmacist and general who fought in the Philippine–American War. He was also the founder of the Philippines's first military academy, which existed during the First Philippine Republic. He was the brother of the painter Juan Luna.
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About the Film:
General Antonio Luna (John Arcilla), commander of the revolutionary army, is spoiling for a fight. After three hundred years as a Spanish colony, the Philippines must endure a new foreign power: the United States of America. General Luna wants to fight for freedom but members of the elite want to strike a deal with the Americans. The infighting is fierce in the new cabinet, but General Luna and his loyal men forge ahead even as his military decisions are met with resistance from soldiers who are loyal only to President Aguinaldo (Mon Confide). Ultimately, it is the general’s legendary temper and pride that bring him to his death when a pack of presidential guards assassinate him in broad daylight. While American newspapers blame Aguinaldo, the mystery of General Luna’s assassination was never completely solved and his killers never put to justice.

Monday, August 31, 2015
7:00 PM

Doors open at 6:30

Marina Theatre
2149 Chestnut St,
San Francisco, CA

Theatre Telephone:
(415) 345-1323


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Public Transportation:
Muni bus lines:
30 Stockton. 22 Fillmore,
43 Masonic, 45 Union

$5.50 for 3 hours
at Lombard and Webster.
Top level of
US Post Office.
Enter from
Moulton Alley.

There is also a 3-story
public parking garage
on Pierce Street
near Chestnut around
the corner from the theater.


This event has passed.

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Behind the Scenes


"HENERAL LUNA is a cinematic feat-- a landmark in Philippine Cinema.  It should be seen by every Filipino, especially by those who care strongly for their country."
—Briccio Santos, Chairman, Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP)
“I was blown away by HENERAL LUNA.  A film like this is
a gift.  From the initial choice of history as its subject matter to the clear commitment to question the meaning of nation, from the details in the wardrobe and the quality of the tableaux, the casting, the cinematography, the dramatic tension and the clever pictorial allusions to a forgotten and controversial past, this movie offers not just students and teachers but all country-loving Filipinos, both enjoyment and enlightenment.”
—Ramon C. Sunico, award-winning poet/author/editor

superbly crafted film that speaks to all of us Filipinos today.  Magnificent battle scenes, insightful writing, memorable performances-- thanks to its director Jerrold Tarog and its producers Fernando Ortigas and Ed Rocha.  For sure, one of 2015's best Filipino films.” 
—Jose Mari Ugarte, Editor,
HOLA Philippines
“Textbook history tells us about the tragic death of Antonio Luna, but fails to detail the events that led to his bloody end.  This film, HENERAL LUNA, reminds us that history does not repeat itself, it is we who repeat it. The film underscores the challenge that remains---how do we liberate ourselves from the past? Ambeth R. Ocampo
" A
compelling, well-crafted film on one of the most controversial figures of Filipino history."
—Max Tessier, international film critic/programmer
"Let me make this prediction:  HENERAL LUNA will be
a significant film in the history of Philippine Cinema."
—Clodualdo 'Doy' del Mundo Jr.
"HENERAL LUNA is a powerful film that will resonate with viewers everywhere.  
Amazingly crafted and wonderfully acted, HENERAL LUNA tells an incredible story.  It is truly a world class epic film.  You must see it in a theater to appreciate its nuanced glory."
—Steven DeMille, Chief Marketing Officer, Inception Media Group USA
“Congratulations to the filmmakers of HENERAL LUNA!   It’s that
rare film that challenges us to reflect on our history!”  
—Gil Quito, screenwriter (Itim, ‘merika)
raises the bar for Filipino filmmaking.  Its outstanding production values lend luminosity to this most engaging epic-action film.  With bold producers/filmmakers like Artikulo Uno Productions, there is now great hope for Philippine Cinema!”
— Fiel Zabat, multi-award-winning production designer (Insiang, Karnal)
a powerful examination not only of one man’s life but, more significantly, of the theme that Filipinos are their own worst enemies—a theme that resonates mightily in these times, when the body politic seems to perennially vote for politicians who almost unfailingly betray the public good.”
—Luis Francia, writer/historian/columnist (
Philippine Inquirer)
superb film HENERAL LUNA lets us experience our war with the Americans like we never did before. Some details may have been imagined as all historical films do, but its lessons for us as a people are real. The reality of war reflected in the excellent screenplay--through the outstanding production values of HENERAL LUNA--makes us realize the gravity of the sacrifice that our heroes made for our freedom today, and the price we pay for our continued disunity as a nation.  As a historical educator, I will require this film to my students. I will not let them pass up the chance to watch a would-be Filipino film classic."  
Michael 'Xiao' Chua, noted historian/academician
HENERAL LUNA, a finely-made Filipino film, is a stunning, tumultuous profile in courage, and one not for the weak-of-heart, nor for those who dread, or worse, are apathetic towards confronting the truths behind the largely officially unacknowledged crimes against the country's revered patriots of past eras. Brave, confrontational historical narratives like HENERAL LUNA, that choose to depict truths over lies about the Filipinos' past as a people--albeit in a more implied manner, or to at least revive conversations or discourses over such sensitive subjects-- need to be made again and again - until the country's history as we've come to know it ceases to repeat itself.  This film may keenly resonate with present-day Filipinos or followers of Philippine history as they may find themselves sharing the sense of deep frustration, if not exasperation over the Philippine's essential inability to direct itself towards the common good.”
—Chris Fallarme, US-based freelance writer

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